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  • Help ACB in producing our most exciting season to date, including Astaire Dances; our upcoming Balanchine & The Classics; and our highly anticipated Summer Premieres.

  • Secure a permanent Los Angeles home for ACB -- a place where our city's next generation of dancers and dance audiences will flourish.

  • Further ACB's mission to preserve one of our most beautiful classical art forms by making it modern and relevant for today.

Join Ballet Society today and enrich yourself as you enrich our cultural community. Learn about membership benefits and contribute below.


ACB Member


Be part of producing original contemporary classical ballet in Los Angeles! In addition to acknowledgment in our season programs, members receive a copy of ACB's season poster.



Ballet Society members receive an invitation for themselves and a guest to our Conversations series, an intimate series of interviews and discussions with ACB’s artists and collaborators, hosted at the ACB studio on the 32nd floor of The Bloc in downtown LA. Conversations is exclusively for Ballet Society members—tickets are not available to the general public. Members will be offered two tickets for each of the events in the series.

Ballet Society members have the opportunity to receive the Ballet Annual, a hardcover book granting an inside look of each season with text by ACB Artistic Director Lincoln Jones and photographs of the company, including some of LA’s most exciting young photographers. 

In addition, Ballet Society members receive exclusive preview videos from Executive Director Theresa Farrell, advance and preferred seating at all performances and are listed in our season programs.



In addition to Ballet Society benefits, you get the chance to sit in (two seats per membership) on an actual ACB company class. This is an opportunity to be a fly on the wall for the real thing. You will see what the dancer’s day is like, witness the culture of life in the studio, and observe the unfiltered interactions between the dancers and the director. 



In addition to receiving the benefits of Ballet Society Plus, you have the rare opportunity to sit in on the rehearsal of a new ballet in the process of its creation (two seats per membership). You see the director shaping his ideas and the dancers trying steps for the first time. You may even see a different version of the ballet from the one that finally makes it to the stage.



In addition to Ballet Society Gold benefits, your name is displayed at all performances as a member of the Dancer’s Circle and you receive a pair of pointe shoes worn by a corps de ballet dancer of your choice (the corps de ballet is the symphony orchestra behind the soloist).



In addition to Ballet Society Gold benefits, you receive an invitation to the annual Director’s Dinner with Artistic Director Lincoln Jones and Executive Director Theresa Farrell. Your name is displayed at all performances as a member of the Director’s Circle and you receive a pair of pointe shoes worn by the principal dancer of your choice.



Leadership Circle members individually shoulder the greatest responsibility for the production of ACB’s programs. As such, in addition to all the Director’s Circle benefits and having your name displayed at all performances as a member of the Leadership Circle, your sponsorship is verbally acknowledged before non-immersive performances.


FROM $20,000.00

The commissioning of works has a long tradition in classical art. Many of the most famous artworks in history are still known by the names of the men, women, and families who provided the means for their creation, including Mozart’s Haffner Symphony and Beethoven’s Razumovsky Quartets.

The creation of new works is central to ACB’s mission. By commissioning a work, you are helping to create new contemporary classical ballets for our time. In addition to Leadership Circle benefits, your name is attached to the ballet in perpetuity.


Contributions can also be made by check payable to American Contemporary Ballet, 750 West 7th Street, PO BOX #811881, Los Angeles, 90081. For more information please call 213-304-3408 or email

ACB is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.  If you elect to receive the Ballet Annual, $75 of your contribution will be non-deductible. Please let us know if you would like to decline all benefits for a fully deductible contribution.