We Need your help

American Contemporary Ballet doesn’t exist simply to put on ballets. We exist to create, in our own time, a classical art form… to make it relevant and essential for contemporary audiences.

In pursuing this mission, we’ve created something that doesn’t exist anywhere else. An experience that includes extraordinary, non-traditional performance spaces, the regular production of new, contemporary classical ballets,  and performances exclusively to live music… an experience as powerful as it is rare.

On December 1st, we were about to launch ACB’s most ambitions production yet – 20 performances of the world’s first immersive staging of The Nutcracker Suite.

And then, 48 hours before opening, a maintenance issue forced us to immediately and permanently evacuate our home. Suddenly, hundreds of ticket holders, and seventeen dancers who had relocated from across the country to be part of the company, were in limbo. And ACB faced the loss of not only a centerpiece of our season, but a production that accounts for 30% of our annual ticket revenue.

But through the generosity and resourcefulness of ACB’s supporters, we found a new space, and with the clock ticking the entire company, and a lot of volunteers pushed brooms, moved mountains of snow, a dance floor, a lighting system, and one grand piano across town and opened The Nutcracker Suite as scheduled.

But saving the Nutcracker has left ACB with a deficit, without a permanent home, and our future in jeopardy. But it is essential to our cultural life, and the future of ballet, that we continue the mission we began eight years ago. ACB is protecting and furthering ballet for new and future audiences.  

ACB has built a community for dance here in Los Angeles – one that didn’t exist before. A place where audiences can see original works every season. A place where audiences can go further inside the art through education programs and meet the artists after every performance.

Over the 8 seasons of our existence, ACB has built a reputation for an uncommon & visceral dance experience that’s drawn a new and rapidly growing audience to the art.

ACB’s mission is to protect and develop one of the most beautiful, universal, and significant art forms ever created… one that is invaluable to us as human beings, as a community and -- whether you’re a ballet fan yet or not – to anyone who understands the necessity of art to the human spirit. We don’t want anyone – now or in years to come – to lack that in their lives.

ACB has created a place where joy, beauty, and our capacity for feeling are exalted. We’re asking you to help us preserve this place for our time and for future generations.

Your support in any amount is critical – and will be deeply appreciated by all who are touched by this art. Thank you.