How a new dance gets made:

Behind the scenes at
American Contemporary Ballet

(Contains Video)

“It's kind of like seeing somebody laugh. You glimpse that unrestrained, deeper part of their soul.”


This Immersive Production of The Nutcracker Lets You Experience the Ballet Like You Never Have Before
“The holiday season is always a festive blur, but whatever you do, don’t miss out on American Contemporary Ballet’s The Nutcracker Suite.”

These 'Lost' Ballets Are Being Performed for the First Time in L.A.
"You can see audiences light up with a greater understanding of the steps, the music, and the backstories he tells."

This Show Lets You Time Travel Through 400 Years of Dance History in 60 Minutes
“This is a deep dive into history, but don't expect to snooze in your stage-level seat. Jones talks are lively and company members do all the sweaty stuff..."

What Really Happens At a Ballet Audition
“We got an exclusive look at how auditions work at the American Contemporary Ballet"

American Contemporary Ballet Takes on George Balanchine and Fred Astaire
“The great 20th-century choreographers are being celebrated in Classic Revival style."

American Contemporary Ballet Rediscovers a Russian Classic
“The chill of Eastern Europe meets the heat of summer”  

American Contemporary Ballet Turns On the Romance
“Get ready to sway and swoon."

American Contemporary Ballet Examines the Language of Dance

MUSIC+DANCE: LA: Da Camera Society Unites with American Contemporary Ballet 

Taking on Tchaikovsky” 

Fred Astaire Returns to Mid Wilshire” 

Celebrating the Legacy of Fred Astaire with American Contemporary Ballet"

American Contemporary Ballet Pays Homage to George Balanchine” 

Something New Afoot: American Contemporary Ballet Leaps onto Miracle Mile


Watch American Contemporary Ballet Reconstruct Ballet's Earliest Roots
"Watching these early dances, it's fascinating to think about about ballet's journey, and how far it has come."
(Contains Video)

American Contemporary Ballet Thrives in Los Angeles
"ACB has remained afloat despite a turbulent economy by pinpointing the kind of work that Angelenos want to see."


ACB Builds Ballet in L.A. With a Radical Twist

"ACB’s contribution will be a unique and important gift to the Los Angeles community."

American Contemporary Ballet Gives Petipa’s Raymonda New Life

"The company created an excitement one is not always able to feel when the dancers are seen from the balcony."


Breakfast All Day Podcast: A La Carte With Theresa Farrell

"...they’ve taken an innovative approach to making ballet accessible in a beautiful, unexpected environment."


From Ballerina to Boss 
“Ballet is not for the weak-willed.”



The Nutcracker Suite Performance at American Contemporary Ballet
“It is an experience and performance that fulfills all your childhood fantasies. ...The space is so magical, you want to stay in it forever.”


Waltz Into the Holidays with ‘The Nutcracker Suite’
“…a delightful treat just in time for the holidays.”


'Burlesque,' a new Lincoln Jones ballet, a new collaboration with Charles Wuorinen and why it works
“Unfortunately, with a lot of mainstream performing institutions there’s an awful lot of comfort blanket stuff. I don’t have anything against it, but it shouldn’t be the only thing or be the standard by which everything else is evaluated.“

Halloween horror translated for ballet: How 'Inferno' will turn Dante into dance
"Lincoln Jones spends his days working with dancers in a studio high above Los Angeles. He can glimpse the San Gabriel Mountains, the Pacific and a well executed port de bras with a sweep of his eyes."

The archeology of dance: American Contemporary Ballet digs back to 1890 with revelatory results
"The freshness, intelligence and stylistic unity of this suite immediately established the credibility of the program and the dancers’ skill..." – Lewis Segal

"Exploring the Intersection of Music and Dance"
“…Lincoln Jones made the most complex issues seem like child's play in a beguiling 'Dance and Design'...”

“In-your-face Tchaikovsky from American Contemporary Ballet”
“…it soars.”

“A bubbly mix of Balanchine, Astaire from American Contemporary Ballet”
“…seated at stage level, just feet from the bounding ballerinas, there was no illusion of ethereal levity here. This was ballet unfiltered…”

“Da Camera Society Dances with American Contemporary Ballet”
“…a welcome new series…”


"American Contemporary Ballet company makes it to the top"
“Forget about an elaborate stage and be ready for an up-close look at dancers in action...”


ACB Presents "Variations on Raymonda" With Fashionable Touches

"Performing in the Los Angeles Fashion District wasn't the only fashion-forward influence..."



I'll Take Astaire's Way to Paradise
"Bring a sweetheart, find a sweetheart, or celebrate the sweetheart that resides in everyone. Heaven. You’ll be in heaven."

Busting a Nutcracker
"..fantastical versions of familiar characters surprise and delight throughout the festivities, all I could think was, “Thank you, ACB"..."

Los Angeles Dance Preview: TCHAIKOVSKY IN BALLET 
"This incredible program should be repeat..."

Los Angeles Dance Preview: THE SEASONS 
“In just one hour (the current length of the programs), I completely forgot I have a care in the world.”

I Have Seen the Future of Los Angeles Ballet 
“…an enterprise which promises to be Los Angeles’ homegrown world-class ballet company.”

“…American Contemporary Ballet (ACB) has become the go-to organization for thrilling dance in Los Angeles...The polished technique of the company's dancers combined with the highly original pieces must be experienced. ”

New Ballet Premieres in L.A. 
“For those who don't know, this small but mighty company is as committed to music as it is to dance.”


American Contemporary Ballet: When Dance Meets Design
"In pulling the curtain back on ballet, Jones not only lets out some of the stuffy air from its rarefied world, but also gives audiences an enticing and sophisticated anchor on which to latch their curiosity."


Dance Review American Contemporary Ballet (ACB) The Nutcracker Suite
“I cannot remember when I have enjoyed myself so thoroughly at a dance performance”

American Contemporary Ballet

“American Contemporary Ballet aims to reach new heights connecting audiences with this classic art form.” (Contains Video)


The Evening Program with Jim Svejda

“…one of America’s most adventurous and exciting ballet companies…”


Spectrum SoCal Scene
"You realize and appreciate the level of difficulty that dancers have taken on and how beautifully they make it work."



A Sky-High Lesson in Ballet
"The American Contemporary Ballet is truly an experience unlike anything ever before, something one must see to believe."


Dance on the 32nd Floor with American Contemporary Ballet
“Astaire’s lyrical dancing may seem unusual for a ballet company, but ACB thrives on melding classical technique with new-school programs.”


“ACB's Theresa Farrell shares an
eye-opening look at a ballerina's diet
and training program.”

(Contains Video)


“The Only Music That Makes Them Dance”
“Starting a ballet company in L.A. has never been easy… There's much to admire about how American Contemporary Ballet has approached that task…”


Ballet in L.A.
“The company dissects ballet for the audience as it's happening.”
(Radio Interview)

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PHOTOS: Dance + Design II, The Language of Dance: Eloquence of Astaire



"...Lincoln Jones is a magnificently musical and imaginative choreographer with a gift for elegant economy. Never wasting a beat or note, he always pulls the best balletic phrasing out of every bar."


Image above: Elegie. Choreography by George Balanchine. © The George Balanchine Trust