In the times of Mozart, Haydn, and Bach, there existed an unparalleled artistic environment: one of abiding, intimate, and profound shared experience which immeasurably increased one’s depth of feeling and journey of connoisseurship. 

That experience has been disappearing since those times and is almost unknown today. But now it can be yours through American Contemporary Ballet: 

—With programs like Conversations, Dancing School, and DANCE+DESIGN, ACB provides you the education to see with the eyes of a true connoisseur.

—The combination of live music and classical dance just feet from the audience creates a visceral intimacy that cannot be replicated in contemporary theaters.

—After the show, join the other audience members and the artists for wine, live jazz and conversation. Breathe and absorb your experience among the culturally curious of Los Angeles.

It all happens in the most modern of settings, overlooking the rooftops of LA’s skyscrapers, and it’s included in your ticket price.